Ceremony Details Form

Plan Your Fabulous Ceremony

This form is intended to allow both the Celebrant and couple to consider the actual 'mechanics' of their ceremony

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :
  • Your witness must be 18 years or older and doesn't have to be part of the bridal party
  • Your witness must be 18 years or older and doesn't have to be part of the bridal party
  • 'Who brings this woman to be married to this man' - is this to be asked? If yes, who is to be asked : Dad, parents, guests?
  • Will the bride be wearing a veil over her face? Who will lift it and at what stage of the ceremony?
  • Who will the bouquet be handed to? A member of the wedding party (bear in mind this can look awkward in the photos), Mother, Grandmother etc?
  • How many in the wedding party? Please advise names, relationship to you, role & age if under 15 years
  • What colours will the wedding party be wearing?
  • Are you exchanging wedding bands & will you both receive a ring? Who will be holding them during the ceremony?
  • Do you have any children and would you like to include them in the ceremony?
  • Are your parents attending? Are they still together / separated / divorced? Do they get along?
  • Are any Grandparents attending? Would you like to include anything special about them?
  • Should we acknowledge persons past? Poem, candle lighting, Karyn to mention briefly in ceremony?
  • Will any pets be involved? How? Who will be the pet wrangler?
  • Will there be readings or poems? If yes, please advise the name & relationship of the person reading? Please email the reading to me and ensure the Author's name is included.
  • Will there be any rituals? Candle ceremony, warming of the rings, sand ceremony, wine ceremony etc
  • Will you have live music or will we be playing music through my PA System? I play appropriate music whilst the guests arrive and then include the cost of 3 downloads from iTunes for the processional (arrival), certificate signing & recessional (departure). Please advise your music choices including artist (if there are various versions, please provide full details of your preference).
  • Who is providing the table & chair etc for Certificate signing? Are you providing your own special pen?
  • Are you providing rose petals, bubbles or confetti? Many venues don't permit confetti so please check if this is your preference. If you are providing, who is going to be handing out for you and when (as guests arrive or during the certificate signing).
  • Is there anything I need to be aware of (fainting spells, epilepsy, anxiety attacks, possibility of conflict between guests etc). Who is the best person to assist should this occur?
  • What is the dress code for your guests ie formal, cocktail, smart casual etc
  • Have you seen anything at another wedding that you'd love to have included in your ceremony?
  • What do you loathe about weddings that absolutely must not be included in your ceremony?
  • Please provide the names & contact details of your venue co-ordinator, photographer, videographer, musicians etc
  • And last but not least ... how would you like me to introduce you at the conclusion of the ceremony?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.